Disproportionate vociferation

Boba Fettuccini: Planeswalker, Creeper of Faucets, Night Crew Boxmonkey

Ever notice how some only-one-face artists always draw themselves? I noticed someone I follow always draws their characters with the same eyes nose and mouth and then one day she posted a selfie and all of a sudden it alllll made sense


Magic: the Gathering - Khans of Tarkir

Clan Banners !!  Some game stores tack ‘em to the walls, some hang ‘em from the ceiling, and a few others put some right-proper Martha Stewart effort into incorporating ‘em into decorative displays.  Contrariwise, some players just hope that that their gamestore washroom is clean and the organiser is sober.

What’s your store doing (got pics?) ?

So this girl I work with is like “Fish are such unrewarding pets! Too much work!”

and it’s like “hey that’s ironic, that’s why half of the cashiers you tried to seduce wanted nothing to do with you”

Sure that’s mean but seriously

Anonymous asked: marvel or dc


Marvel for fun, DC for stand alone artsy things.


Me: so when are we gonna do that job interview
Manager: *launches into long drawn out list of everyone who applied and who’s out of the running but doesn’t give a time or date for my interview* Have a nice day :)

Where was this tip card when I first started playing this game

Where was this tip card when I first started playing this game


Today I learned that drinking a gallon of coffee during FNM screws up your body chemistry for the next 12 hours.