Disproportionate vociferation

Boba Fettuccini: Planeswalker, Creeper of Faucets, Night Crew Boxmonkey


Wow, for once I’m actually eating Chinese food with chopsticks, not like, Mexican food or Italian food or cereal.

How does one even eat chinese food with italian food? seems like it would be too floppy to support the weight

So I found a cool comic on Tumblr that I liked and I thought a friend of mine would agree with it so I posted it on her FB wall

Yeah, she’d seen it already. She’s friends with the artist. Evidently it’s old news now.


this isn’t about hating godzilla this is about ethics in giant rubber monster costume movies #gameragate


(via agoodcartoon)

All my life I’ve waiting to find out nothing’s new
It’s the same old song just a different tune.

I just can’t get over how cool mail is. Like, I’m looking at the tracking info for my package right here, and just a few short hours ago, it was like 70 miles away in a regional sorting facility. Any time now, it will be here in town at the local sorting facility. Then it’s going to be put out on the mail truck and be at my door by like 10 AM ish. I just think that’s so cool because less than 24 hours ago this thing was still in Arizona.

It’s too bad the USPS is dying out, because I think I would legitimately enjoy being a mail man.

Belial is a Hebrew word that means ‘worthless’. The word became anthropomorphisized as in later Hebrew and Christian texts. The meaning stays the same, however. So your super cool demon mid-boss? worthless. Your mecha suit? Worthless. 

A horde of villains whose name literally means ‘worthless’.

I think I need a tablet. Ok, need is a strong word, but I think for what I do it would make more sense than always carting around my laptop. Something I could stream videos and browse the web on, something I could use to check card prices and whatnot, keep all my comic book CBRs and PDFs I’ve bought from Humblebundle… cuz frankly my laptop is kinda sad and it’s not too happy with all that it’s been through these last couple years.

I just don’t know what kind to get. iPad and Windows 8 tablets are out. I hate Apple products and I’m not a fan of Windows 8, but there are so many Android options that it’s a little scary